About the Suite

The suite is a self contained apartment above a large common space with a heritage wood stove. The unit has a full kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom with a sturdy queen size bed. The living room has a couch that pulls out to a queen size bed, a tv screen and a beautiful tiny gas stove. There is also a dry sauna.

The kitchen contains a refrigerator, electric stove and microwave. There is also a coffee maker and electric kettle. The custom made cupboards contain pots, pans, baking dishes, casserole dishes, as well as kitchen utensils. There are mugs, glasses, wine glasses.

Click here to view the apartment manual 

The manual provides details about the apartment, entertainment systems, the infra-red sauna, the antique massage chair and more. Other manuals are above the kitchen stove.

Please don't hesitate to contact Bruce and Susan if you have any question or problems. We will do our best to make your stay memorable.

Fire and emergency

Dial 911
Address: 248 Clifford Road, Douro-Dummer

If smoke alarm goes off proceed down the stairs, across the common space and out the door.

First aid kit  and fire extinguisher are in the closet in the main room.

For emergencies call 911.

Problems with accommodations:
Contact Susan and Bruce

About the Farm


We would like to respectfully acknowledge that this is the traditional land of the Michi Saagig Anishinaabeg. The farm was first settled in the 1800s. The bnb suite is situated on the second floor of the original farm house.

Full Circle Farm is a working farm. We have a number of animals including fa

rm dogs that are friendly but are working animals that protect the farm.

We also have farm animals that include sheep, goats, free range chickens & rooster, and bees. They are also gentle animals but please be cautious around them as they are easily frightened.

We provide community gardens for people in the area so vehicles may drive by the house on the way to the gardens.

Though FCF is not a certified organic farm we use holistic principals and use organic fertilizer and seeds and never use pesticides or herbicides.

We welcome you to explore the farm and surrounding forests, fields and meadows and river.




Electric range with oven
Carafe and Single cup Coffee maker
Rice maker

Cooking and Baking

  • pots with lids
  • frying pan with lid
  • casserole dishes
  • wooden salad bowl

Utensils, glasses and cups

  • dinner and dessert forks, teaspoons, tablespoons, butter knives
  • steak knives
  • glasses
  • coffee mugs
  • wine glasses

Cooking Utensils

  • sieve
  • flipper
  • tongs
  • knives
  • parring knife
  • can opener
  • whisk
  • scissors
  • tea strainer
  • grater
  • bottle opener
  • vegetable peeler
  • wine bottle opener
  • measuring spoon and cup
  • potato masher
  • rolling pin
  • wooden spoons
  • ice cream scoop
  • Image
  • table cloth
  • funnel
  • pot holders
  • and more


  • 4 piece private bathroom
  • shampoo
  • hand soap
  • hair dryer
  • face cloth, hand towel and bath towel for each guest




  • solid Mennonite built, queen size oak bed
  • sheets, fitted and top
  • mattress cover
  • duvet
  • extra blanket
  • 4 pillows, two soft and two firm
  • desk with alarm clock/radio
  • side table
  • closet with hangers

Pullout sofa

  • sheets, top and bottom
  • duvet
  • Image
  • blanket
  • mattress cover
  • 2 pillows
  • bedding is stored in the back of the sofa
  • pull the two straps at the front of the sofa to extend the bed then lift up to pull up mattress.


Water for the property comes from a dug well and is safe to drink directly from the tap. Please conserve when possible.

The well water goes through a softener, a filter and an ultra violet system.

We also use a septic system so please only flush toilet paper. Anything else will compromise the system.

We appreciate water conservation.

Note: If there is an extremely dry season the well can go dry and we then switch to a backup water system using chlorinated water from Peterborough.



As well as 100 acres of forest, fields, meadows and streams to explore the suite has a dry sauna, flat screen monitor. Included is a HDMI cable to plugin your device to stream content from your services. There is also a Chrome cast device to stream content from your phone or other Chrome cast device. We do not provide broadcast television (cable, satellite, etc).

The sauna is a 1-2 person infrared dry sauna. To use the sauna press the power button on (or off to turn off the sauna). The display will light up showing the temperature of room and the temperature that the sauna will heat up to.

The display will also show the length of time the sauna will operate for.

It is important to limit the amount of time that you use the sauna and to remain hydrated.

It takes a few minutes for the sauna to heat up. Please use a towel for the bench and floor.

To use the HDMI cable connect it to your laptop or other HDMI device. Turn on the TV and click Source button on the remote then press the down arrow to choose HDMI 2. The content of your screen and audio will display on the TV screen. You can then login to your favorite streaming service and watch on the tv screen.

To use the Chromecast device turn on the TV. If the Chromecast screen isn't showing click the Source button on the remote and select HDMI 1 with the arrows. Open your Chromecast app and select the Living room. You can then stream your service (Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc).

If you have never used Chromecast you will need to download the Google Home app first. Go to the Apple store or Google Play store to download this free app.

There are also a selection of games in the common room closet (see below).


We provide wood for a camp fire in the evenings. Please contact us for more information. You must notify us when the fire is started so we can activate our permit.

Common Room

The common room can be used by guests.

  • original Elmira wood stove can be used fall, winter and spring. Wood is available by the bundle and your hosts will be happy to provide instructions for operating it.
  • antique massage chair is turned on by rotating the black dial and turning on the white button
  • various games are in cupboard by main entrance




Full Circle Farm is a working farm. There are a number of farm animals which are very gentle and curious but can react unexpectedly. Guest are encouraged to interact with them across the fences but remain outside of areas animals are living in. There are a few reasons for this but the main one is that they are not tame animals and startle easily.

Some of the animals enjoy leaves and grass if you offer it to them (not the fruit tree leaves). Please do not feed them grains or other foods as they are working animals and some have feeding schedules.

There are areas of the barn can be accessed but children must be accompanied by an adult when entering the barn.

You may approach animals and chickens but if they move away do not keep moving closer to them.

Note that the yellow, mesh fences out in the pasture are electrified and will cause a sharp electric jolt if touched.

Please enjoy your interaction with the animals during your visit to the farm.



There are a number of trails on the property that can be explored by guest. The main trails are about one kilometer (2 kilometers return) starting at the house and ending at the Indian river.

At the end of the trail is a good spot for swimming on the Indian River. Be careful not to slip when entering the river and while walking on the rocks.

You will be going through fields, forests and meadows that change with the seasons. There are many wild flowers and the occasional deer. You may also see other wild life. Please respect their space.

Be sure to take precautions for the season. Wear socks and shoes to avoid poison ivy. Check for ticks after your hike. Wear cleats or snow shoes when the trails are icy or after fresh snow. Wear warm clothing  when the temperature drops. Prepare for mosquitoes during the spring and summer.