The sap is running (slowly)

March 22, 2018

There will be a boil this weekend. The plan is to boil Saturday, March 24th. Drop by any time to collect sap and have a cup of tea.

Ran out of sap so the Sunday boil is off.

First boil 2018

The sap is running and it is time to boil. We will be at the sugar shack until late afternoon on Saturday, March 10th. Come on down and carry a bucket and have a cup of sap tea.

March 1st at the sugar shack

The sap is running so we will be boiling today and tomorrow. Drop by to have a cup of sap tea of you are in the neighborhood.

First Boil 2016

Rushing it a bit bit we have begun the first boil at the sugar shack today.

Slow start to 2015 maple season

The sugar shack is up to code and ready to go but the cold weather has slowed things down. It looks like the boil is off for this weekend (March 28 & 29) but the sap should start flowing again next week.

Maple Season 2013

The trees are dripping and the maple season is in full swing. Drop by the sugar shack if you are in the area.